What You Thought Was Right May Be

Hurting Your Hitters

Professional baseball hitters have a certain 'mindset' when they go to the plate.

Unfortunately the coaches and parents today do not understand how to help youth baseball hitters 'think' like the pro's.

Take the next step to help build a culture of hitting in your teams/organizations.

This is going to be totally different stuff than you thought you knew was right.

What you thought was the right way is ruining young hitters.

You Go As Far As Your Bat Takes You

Is hitting important?

Yes, very, very, very important...

  • Your fun_factor depends on it.
  • Your baseball career depends on it.
  • Your playing time depends on it.

Hitters that hit the ball hard, far and often have the most FUN!

PLUS: I added an extra summary of my letter to parents which was crafted after the famous Matheny Manifesto.

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