This eBook will completely revolutionize your teams hitting approach.

Unleash your kids to hit, hit it hard, hit it far, and hit it often.

Which players will last long enough in baseball to make the local high school varsity team?

That's right...the kids that swing the bat the best.

How to STOP the adults from Sabotaging hitters success.

87 Pages jam packed with my systematic methods to Build Your Own Culture of Hitting in your organization

Questions: I answer all these...

  • More important to Have a 'Good Eye' vs. being aggressive?
  • Is it okay to swing at 'Bad Ones'?
  • Should I coach kids while batting?
  • Why can't I coach from the bleachers?
  • How to professional baseball coaches coach?
  • What is my role during games?
  • What mechanics should I know what to look for?
  • How should I communicate with my hitters?
  • What is wrong with walks and bunting?
  • Can We still try to win games?
  • What system would I implement to help kids play High School Varsity Baseball?
  • Why do my hitters need to hit without the fear of failing?
  • What do I need to know to Build the ULTIMATE Culture of Hitting?

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