Is What You Are Doing Now Helping Kids Reach High School Baseball?

Are you ready to start looking at your player development system as a journey from ages 5, 6 & 7 year olds to age 15 then the war is on.

It is going to be war (not in the sense of real bullets) to keep kids playing well enough to enjoy playing baseball into their teenage years. 

I will show you how to stop looking at winning battles right now and start a plan to win the 7 to 10-year war.

Yes, it is a decade long process to implement so we can best develop baseball players equipped to 'Run the Gauntlet' and survive. 

My Baseball System to Reach High School Baseball

Surviving the Game Past Age '12'

What would our best player development system look like if we started kids at age 5, 6, and 7 and wanted to them to still be playing baseball past age 12 and into high school?

How would we coach kids if our goal was for our players to play the game well in middle school age and enter the high school baseball funnel?

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