What Will Happen After I Read It?
A Major Transformation

Never again will you be the same coach or baseball parent after reading this eBook. The eyes you see baseball player development with will now be from an entirely different view.

Your players, your parents and your family will see a total transformation. The knowledge and tools you will acquire will allow you to see your role as a total player development 'guru'.

I talk to parents and coaches almost every day and hear their feedback. I know that parents and coaches have a upside down view of player development.

I get frustrated at the lack of training in youth baseball coaching.

I also know the best coaches WANT to get better. 

This is why I am so confident that this eBook will springboard you into a level of coaching and baseball parenting that you never new.

This book will empower you as a player development expert in the game. 

Some of What you will know after reading 'Let Them Fish':

  • Your role as a teacher and mentor
  • How to have parents buy-in to your system
  • the knowledge to build a system with class
  • Understand how to help kids manage failure
  • How to coach your own kid with success
  • Have courage to coach without having to put on a 'show'
  • Look further than just winning and losing
  • How to promote a 'love of the game' in your kids
  • Manage game coaching so you can 'Let them Fish'
  • How to connect with your players
  • Ways to deal with corrections positively

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